Hot Bitter Chocolate Sauce

by Susan Smith in ,

I have nothing to say today except Hot Bitter Chocolate Sauce poured over No-Sugar, Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream is a match made in heaven.

With high temperatures and sunshine forecast for this weekend...

Make. Eat. Enjoy.

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Hot Bitter Chocolate Sauce (serve 4)


75g of very dark organic chocolate, broken into small pieces (I use 85% raw chocolate chips - see Notes below)

10g organic unsalted butter 

85ml organic full-fat milk  (I used whole raw milk from Gazegill because it’s the only milk I ever buy)

50ml organic double cream

4-6 drops organic liquid stevia, if required


Place the pieces of chocolate and butter in a glass heatproof jug or bowl.

In a saucepan heat the milk and cream to just under boiling point then pour over the chocolate and butter, stirring until all of the chocolate has melted.

Pour the chocolate mixture back into a clean pan, add liquid stevia if using and gently heat, whisking constantly until completely smooth, thick and hot but not boiling. N.B. Do not allow the chocolate sauce to overheat as this will cause it to separate.

Serve immediately spooned over ice cream.


Buying high quality organic chocolate chips saves the potentially messy business of breaking or chopping a solid bar of chocolate into pieces.

The chocolate for Hot Bitter Chocolate Sauce should be at least 75% cocoa solids but a higher percentage dark chocolate is much better. To minimise sugary carbs, use an 85% chocolate and judiciously add a few drops of organic liquid stevia - a single drop at a time - to taste. Don’t go overboard by making your chocolate sauce sickly-sweet. Remember, you’re aiming for ‘bitter-sweet’ to complement an already sweet vanilla ice cream. Anything less than 85% chocolate shouldn’t need any additional sweetening at all!

Fat 18g Protein 2g Carbohydrate 8g - per serving of hot chocolate sauce

Total Fat 42g Protein 5g Carbohydrate 13g - per serving of ice cream & hot chocolate sauce