Welcome to Primal Plate!

by Susan Smith

Welcome to the first posting on Primal Plate’s food blog. In the words of Michael Buble, “It’s a new dawn, it's a new day, it’s a new life, for me, and I’m feeling good!” My hope is that by this time next year you’ll be singing the same song!

This site is dedicated to putting the “Oh Wow!” as well as the “How?” back into the not so simple challenge of ditching the foods you are happy to eat now in favour of a low carb lifestyle.

Many of the recipes are not my own. However, I tirelessly trawl through the web and recipe books to find the best, so you don’t have to, I then test, convert or adapt them before making them available here as a one-stop resource for you. My daughter, Sarah of Mirror Imaging Photography, will help tell the story in her beautiful images.

To inspire you to think differently, instead of following conventional dietary wisdom that takes you down a path to disease and an ever expanding waistline, my first two offerings are Grain-Free Sandwich Bread.  And, as a last goodbye to Christmas, Spiced Fruit Pancakes with Orange & Apricot Syrup. Who would have thought it possible without wheatflour?